INFOS PROJECT REFUGEE ScARTREFUGEE ScArt – migrant art is a humanitarian project founded by the Spiral Foundation Onlus
(C.F. 97670770581), in summer 2011. It's sponsored by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) - Office South Europe, in cooperation with Centro Astalli, Laboratorio 53 and Programma Integra, which help refugees come to Italy seeking protection.
In a workshop made available by AMA Roma SpA, a group of twelve refugees create artistic sheets from which they manufacture objects entirely made from recycled scrap (scarto, in Italian) material.
REFUGEE ScART has recycled in the last 24 months over seven tons and 750 kilos of waste plastic, giving a significant contribution to Rome's echology.


- August 2011, Rome, Termini Railway Station: project REFUGEE ScART begins.

- Beneficiaries: 15 refugees arrived in Italy seeking protection.

- The refugees gather waste plastic in the streets of Rome, transforming it in useful objects.

- REFUGEE ScART has recycled over 7 tons of plastics in the last 2 years.

- REFUGEE ScART has generated over E.100.000 between October 2011 and June 2013.

- 100% of the proceeds from sales go the the refugees who manufactured the objects.

- REFUGEE ScART has not asked for, neither received, any public funding.

- REFUGEE ScART's sheets were exposed at the Biblioteca of the Collegio Romano.

- REFUGEE ScART's creations have been praised by celebrities worldwide.

- With REFUGEE ScART the refugee gives a contribution to the common good.

- With REFUGEE ScART the refugee emerges from his/her condition of isolation.

- August 2013, REFUGEE ScART's craftmen help other migrants through Emergency.

Laura Boldrini, President of the Camera del Deputati: "REFUGEE ScART is a simple idea of great social usefulness: it cleans up the streets from disposed plastics and it recycles scrap materials generating work which allows refugees to start a new life. Everyone gain from it: the city's residents and the refugees.“

Erri De Luca, writer: “Projects like REFUGEE ScART are acts of brotherhood which elicit imitation and enthusiasm and really do transform society. With REFUGEE ScART depleted waste becomes repleted good. This little organization, REFUGEE ScART, is a prow that moves the water of a swamp. It's heading in the right direction, it sets an example and molds a wake for other ships to follow, producing wealth from nothing, wealth from waste and refusal.”

Piazzale dei Caduti della Montagnola 39 - 00142 Roma
Contacts: Marichia Arese: refugeescart.spiral@gmail.com 
Tel (+39) 335 7067879 www.refugeescart.org www.spiralfundation.org


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